Festival Latinx

Festival Latinx is a week-long celebration where different cultural and minority-serving organizations come together to host events covering topics such as identity, community, and professional development.

Key Events of Festival Latinx: 

  • Sancocho Night
  • Faculty and Staff Brunch

Festival Latinx 2024


March 18th-22nd

Festival Latinx 2024 reminds us all that it is okay to celebrate our achievements. Our week delivers on all forms of celebrating ourselves, each other, and our community that we all deserve. Celebrando logros y todo lo que hemos superado.

This year’s theme, Gózalo, represents the spirit of joy, community, and cultural pride that we embody as Latinx students at Penn. Gózalo is more than just a celebration—it signifies our coming together to create an atmosphere of empowerment where our stories, voices, and love intertwine.

Join us this March 18th-22nd for a week full of programming! Festival will be hosting a series of events including arts & crafts, speakers, game night, and much more! Follow Festival Latinx on Instagram for more details about each event. We hope to see you there! ¡Gózalo and tag La Casa Latina on your Instagram posts throughout the week!

The keynote speaker for this year’s Sancocho Night is none other than Judge Mia Roberts Perez.

Festival Latinx Through the Years:

Del Uno a Otro

Our theme for this year is Del Uno al Otro (From One to Another). Throughout the week, we want to emphasize the importance of having communities we rely on in times of need. This theme was inspired by the way in which our communities stuck together amidst the struggles of the pandemic.

Whichever communities you are apart of, we hope this theme encourages you to reflect on and appreciate them.

Whether they’d be here at Penn or at home, feel free to join us at these events and share your experiences with the rest of the community!

Desde el Corazón

Desde el Corazón was inspired by the love, passion, and devotion our community feels towards their peers, families, and beloved countries. Latinx students at Penn and beyond have left their homes and cultures to strive to achieve their dreams. 

For many, this opportunity was only possible thanks to their families’ sacrifices and support. In that same breath, our self-love, passion, and determination is what makes our community so strong. 

This year’s theme is meant to honor those who have made our presence here possible, to thank those significant individuals who have created safe and supportive communities here at Penn, and to honor every student’s hard work, courage, and resilience.