Prospective Students

La Casa Latina, the Latinx Coalition, and the Cipactli Latino Honor Society want to help Latinx high school students in pursuing higher education. We believe that Latinxs are too often overlooked during college guidance and recruitment, and/or are not supplied with enough information to properly prepare themselves for the college search and application process. Below is a resource list of both local and national site links that we hope will guide and support students throughout this process, as well as inspire and encourage Latino juniors and seniors to continue their studies after high school.

Penn Resources

Common Tests, Applications and Required Documents

  • ACT Assessment – ACT testing info and online registration.
  • College Board  – resources for SAT and AP test prep and registration, personalized scholarship searches, general college searches, online applications and more; no site registration necessary.
  • Common Application – standardized application for 241 colleges; must register with site to submit electronically; no registration necessary to submit app. by hard-copy.
  • FAFSA – online Free Application for Federal Student Aid; must be completed by all entering college students wishing to receive financial assistance. 

Please direct any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this list to