Funding Submission Form

Welcome to the Funding Submission Page! 

This form is specifically made to aid the Latinx community in streamlining any and all requests for funding for student events and activities.

Please note that we ask you to apply for funding as soon as possible, at least 10 days before your event to ensure that you have access to funds

Below you can find instructions for New Submissions as well as Existing Submissions:


New Submissions:

Please follow the directions on the form when selecting the new submission option. We ask that the same person filling it out is also the same person that comes in and uses the P-Card in order to keep track.

Once we have looked over your application, we will email you a six-digit code that you should hold on to. This code is CRUCIAL FOR SUBMITTING INFORMATION AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE APPLICATION. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS FOR THE SAME EVENT.

In the same email, we will confirm the time and date you selected to come in and wait for the requester on that date.

Existing Submissions: 

This part of the form is primarily used to append your submission, usually by submitting digital receipts and any extra information.

Please use your six-digit code in order to complete the form. Please note that the code must match the one provided in order to process submission.

Please upload any and all receipts of the transactions in where funding was required. This includes food receipts, Amazon invoices, etc. Feel free to upload as many as you have in one go!